7 Pack, Slate Cheese Markers with Chalk, Party Food Labels and Signs

Crystal Lemon

Premium Cheese Markers – Each order contains a set of seven cheese markers, excellently made food signs for buffet and other assorted celebrations. Food labels for party and publicity alike, let your guests and colleagues know you have a sense of class with these starkly textured food markers.

Rugged Marbled Materials – Stark black with white marbling gives a sense of texture and professionalism to any display. Mark those succulent and rare selections of brie and others with beautifully hand written text. Shaped in the stylings of graphic word balloons, these markers will catch the eye of any party goer.

Quality Assured – Made from environmentally conscious biodegradable materials, without sacrificing their distinct hometown deli look. Properly inform and impress peers and friend alike with a rich assortment of delectable cheeses, with easy to write and iconic to display cheese markers.

Competitive Value – Easily recreate the looks of a professional deli spread at a value lower to that of our competitors. No corner is cut when production these reusable deli style cheese markers. Easily washed and durable enough to withstand multiple occasions.

Reliable Production - Crystal Lemon assures our products are to the utmost standards. We choose the best manufacturers to meet our customer’s needs, and should our buffet labels not meet your standards, we work with amazon to assure that the return process is as easy and seamless as it can be.

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