Premium Tree Trunk Protector Guard Combo Set - Pack of 4 Spiral Tree Protectors for Effective Bark and Plant Protection from Animals and Winter Conditions - Two Sizes: 15.7x1.6" and 15.7x2"

Crystal Lemon

Ultimate Tree Protection:Say goodbye to the damage caused by pesky animals and harsh weather conditions. Our Tree Trunk Protector Guard is specifically designed to protect your trees' bark and overall health. These tree protectors from deer and other animals offer an ultimate solution for long-lasting tree care.

Two Different Sizes for Versatility:Each pack comes with four tree guards trunk protector pieces: two measuring 15.7x1.6 inches and the other two measuring 15.7x2 inches. Whether you have younger saplings or older trees, this product has you covered.

High-Quality Material:Crafted from durable PP (Polypropylene) material, these tree wraps to protect bark offer superior durability and can withstand various environmental conditions. They serve as perfect tree covers for winter and beyond.

Unique Spiral Design & Expandability:Our tree trunk wrap features a unique spiral design that is both visually pleasing and functional. If you have larger trees, multiple units can be connected together to provide customized protection.

Easy Installation:Installing these plant protectors from animals is straightforward. No special tools are required; simply wrap the protector around the tree trunk and you're good to go. It functions similarly to a tree wound sealer but requires no extra effort.

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