Lawn Aerator Shoes - Spike Shoes for Effortless Lawn Aeration - Ideal Yard Tools for a Healthier Lawn

Crystal Lemon

Reliable Construction: Every pair of lawn aerator shoes include two sturdy 12-inch plastic plates, easily secure to closed footwear, and fastened together using a safety first 3-strap metal buckle. Includes a total of 13 aerating tines measured at 2.5 inches per spike.

Aeration Made Easy: Straps and spike core tines are easily installed onto the bottom plate using our easy-to-follow instructions. Simple accessories needed for assembly are included so that you can adjust your aerator shoes to your size and comfort.

Breathe New Life: Easily loosen the earth beneath your feet with these simple grass plug cleats. Aeration of lawn soil helps for better circulation of nutrients to get that luscious green glow into your own homegrown pasture.

Step-up your Growth: Compacted soil can make it harder for roots of a fertile lawn to properly circulate, but with simple aeration made easy you can improve the health and quality of not just the soil beneath your feet, but the grassy plains of yore we all yearn for.

Quality Assured: Crystal Lemon’s aerating shoes can cultivate a healthier soil environment for a better lawn to be. Ensuring the quality of our products with the best manufacturing can offer, to make that verdant green yard of your dreams a reality.

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