4 Pack Self-Watering Planter Insert, Premium Plant Watering Stakes, Terra Cotta Stakes Plant Watering System for Vacation, Clay Pot Irrigation Stakes for Garden

Crystal Lemon

Taking Care of Your Plants Remotely: We all know that leaving your home for a few days can affect the life of your plants. To help you manage your indoor plants and help them thrive even when you’re not there, we have developed a premium slow release plant watering system that uses small ceramic inserts to make sure the soil stays moist.

Easy to Use: All you must do is insert one of the watering bulbs deep into the plant’s soil and insert any long neck bottle filled with water or a mix of water and fertilizer. This allows the system to add moisture to the soil automatically and only when needed, preventing over-watering.

Premium Material: The plant watering spikes are made of ceramic, a durable and long-lasting material that is not damaged by moisture or water. Because they are made of natural clay, the plant spikes won’t alter the quality of the soil and will help to release the right quantity of water to keep the soil moist.

Advanced Design: To help you insert the plant spikes for potted plants into the soil with ease, we have made sure to design pivoting-bearing ends that make the installation a piece of cake. The set includes 4 plant self-watering inserts that can be used indoors or outdoors.

For the Health of Your Plants: Although ideally used when you’re not home for longer, these terracotta watering spikes are also a good solution for everyday use. By keeping the soil moisture constant, you can help your plants thrive and grow stronger.