Landscape Staples, 20 Pack Landscaping Staples, Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Lawn Staples 6inch Ground Stakes for SOD Pins for Weed Barrier Fabric, Artificial Turf, Securing Fences

Crystal Lemon

The Ideal Choice: Whether you are planning to install a new garden decoration, a gorgeous flower bed or new landscape edging, these ground staples are what you need! Sturdy and reliable, our landscaping staples are designed to meet all your gardening needs!

Heavy-Duty Construction: These weed barrier staples are made with premium-grade galvanized steel, which is hard to break, deform or bend and resistant to weather conditions, humidity and soil erosion, ensuring a secure hold in any condition.

Secure and Reliable: Our lawn staples measure 6-inch and 11 gauge and are designed with sharp tips for easy insertion into the soil. Once inserted, the ground stakes ensure stronghold, keeping your hoses, cables, or garden fabrics in place.

Wide Range of Applications: The heavy duty landscape fabric staples can be used for securing, installing or suspending plant pots, flower beds, weed barrier fabric, garden edging, fences, artificial grass or turf, tents, tarps, garden cloth, as well as wires, cables, hoses, ornaments and garden furniture.

For Large 20-Pack: The landscape spikes come in a large set of 20 pieces, enough to meet your landscaping needs and still remain with some spares. The stakes have a standard size of 6 x 1-inch with 11 gauge for more flexibility and convenience.

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