2 Pack, Grill Stone, Grill Cleaning kit, Grill Brick, Grill Cleaning, Ecological Grill Cleaning Brick, De-Scaling Cleaning Stone for Removing Stains BBQ Cleaning

Crystal Lemon

Grill Stone 2 Pack – Natural sponge like pours make de-scaling the char from your grill a breeze. Don’t let uncleaned excess effect the taste of your hearty grill time favorites. Easily clean up that BBQ set to get more usage for special occasions and family outings.

Natural Materials – Soft enough to prevent scratching from coated metal, but strong enough to wipe out even the toughest of grease stains. Prevent your grill from grime and rust alike with twice the value of this grill side essential.

Lightweight Construction – Pumice like molding ensures an easy and durable way to keep grill irons and griddles alike spic and span. Ease off the pressure on those wrists with a durable grill stone, that will wipe away the burnout without wearing you out, or your sensitive iron wool brushes.

Durably Fashioned – Built with natural stone formations in mind, our grill stone is as hearty as any extrusive igneous rock. A richly porous surface makes getting tough burns out more easily while light enough to be used to easily free up the oldest of griddles.

Reliable Production - Crystal Lemon assures our products are to the utmost standards. We choose the best manufacturers to meet our customer’s needs, and should our grill stones not meet your standards, we work with amazon to assure that the return process is as easy and seamless as it can be.