4800pcs Glass Mirror Tiles - Self Adhesive Mirror Stickers for Disco Decor, Versatile Disco Tiles for Mirror Ball Effects

Crystal Lemon

Self-Adhesive Mirror Mosaic Tiles: No need for additional glue or sticky material. Just peel off the protective layer and stick these tiles wherever you need a touch of glam!

Perfect Disco Ball Material: Recreate the magical aura of a discotheque right at your home! Use these tiles as mirror ball stickers to craft your personalized disco ball.

Superior to Plastic Mirror Tiles: Made of high-quality glass, our mirror tiles provide an enhanced reflective surface compared to standard plastic mirror tiles.

Disco Adhesive Tiles for Versatile Decor: Looking to infuse a bit of 70s' disco charm into your decor? These adhesive tiles are the perfect solution, offering ease of use and a stunning visual effect.

Durable and High-quality Mirrored Tiles: Crafted with durability in mind, these tiles are designed to last, providing a long-lasting reflective surface for your decor needs.

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