Sprouting Jar Kit – Sprouts Growing Kit with 32oz Glass Sprouting Jars with Screen Lids, Jar Stands, Drip Tray – Indoor Grow Kit for Alfalfa, Beans, Broccoli, Microgreens

Crystal Lemon

Grow Your Own Garden: Whether you are passionate about gardening or you love gardening as a hobby, enhance your experience by growing new plants with our microgreens growing kit jars! Simple to use and effective, the sprouting kit can help you grow new plants from scratch and enrich your garden!

High-Quality Materials: Our seed sprouting jar kit is crafted with the highest quality materials that are corrosion-proof, durable and resistant to intensive use. The jars are made with top-quality food-grade glass, stainless steel lids and cast iron jar stands that promise to resist for years.

Complete Sprout Kit: The complete sprout jar kit includes 2 x sprouting jars, 2 x stainless steel lids with metal mesh, 2 x jar stands, and 1 x drip tray, that make sprouting much easier and more enjoyable!

Easy to Use: The broccoli sprouts growing kit is very easy to use by professionals, hobbyists and beginners alike. You only need any sprout seeds for sprouting jar of your choice, such as alfalfa, broccoli, or beans and our sprouting jars will take care of the rest!

Multipurpose Use: These wide mouth jars are suitable for sprouting different types of beans, broccoli, microgreens, veggies and herbs but can also be used for organizing and storing food and drinks, including cereal, sugar, coffee, tea, spices, lemonade, smoothies, coffee and more.

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