Biohazard Bags –10-Gallon Heavy-Duty Biohazard Garbage Bags – 50-Pcs Biohazard Waste Disposal Bags – Thick and Durable Trash Bags for Safety Waste Disposal – Medical-Grade Waste Bags (50)

Crystal Lemon

Safety Before Everything: Our biohazard garbage bags are specially designed to ensure safe disposal of biohazard waste, featuring a thick and durable material that guarantees 100% leak-proof and durability.

Heavy-Duty Material: These red medical waste bags are hospital-grade and made with top-quality plastic which is ultra-durable and stretchy, built to withstand multiple exchanges and rough handling without tearing or breaking.

Safe and Reliable: The hazardous waste storage bags are incredibly elastic and strong, which makes them perfectly adaptable to any waste and reliable during transport, thanks to their hard-to-break, leak-proof design.

Wide Range of Applications: Our 10-gallon trash bag set is perfect for healthcare locations, including hospitals, dentistry, nursing homes and other specialized centers for a safe and efficient hazardous waste disposal.

What You Get: These waste bags arrive in a convenient roll of 50-pcs, featuring a dark red color with high-contrast black inscriptions to draw the attention. The bags are measure 24 x 24-inch and have a capacity of 10 gallons.

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