Insulin Cooler Travel Case Designed for EpiPen, Insulin Travel Case Includes 2 Free Ice Pack

Crystal Lemon

Secure Hard Case - protects sensitive medical materials. A series of custom straps and designer quality pockets, fits to the standard of a variety of market grade pharmaceuticals. Let your epinephrine on the go without having to worry about life’s troubled little nuances.

Adaptable for Travel - comes with twin coolant packs that will keep your charges cool for six to eight hours. Assuring astounding ease of access for an on the go mindset. Functional and compact, the epipen carrying case will assure you’ll never go without your medical essentials again.

Fits Easily in Your Bag - allowing you to put your medical concerns out of mind, allowing yourself to live in the present. Durable construction assured to withstand the needs of the most rugged outdoorsman. Don’t let your condition stop you from living your life to the fullest. This insulin travel case will let you expand your horizons without being limited by any health issues.

Suitable for Children - and adults of all ages, assuring you’re there for those important milestones. Expansive storage space, assures room for a variety of medical supplies. Whether you need an epi pen charge or an easy way to carry that inhaler, this case has enough room for all of your medical needs. Insulin pen, cough medicine, aspirin, syringes, q bags, you name it. Everything available to you at the tip of your hands. Imported products from China.

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Type: Travel Case

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